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'Peace of Mind' 

(Verse 1)

When the river’s singing,

Nothing else should be on your mind

Know your heart is beating, you’re breathing, you’re alive

No need for regrets, 

For guilt or shame

Oh those waters will rush over you, wash it away


Life can be a lonely road, if you make it

Oh your back can bear a heavy load, but you’re gonna break it

(Chorus 1)

Just look up and you’ll find, a little peace of mind

Maybe, it’s just a hand for you to hold

(Verse 2)

Where the mountains rise in the distance,

Where the Earth meets the sky,

You just may search and find there, the key to life

Where the wind dances by the ocean

And you feel the most alone

Bring me back to my soul and bare bones


Life can be a lonely road, if you make it

Oh your back can bear a heavy load, but you’re gonna break it

(Chorus 2)

Just look up and you’ll find, a little peace of mind

Maybe, it’s just a hand for you to hold

Be gone, with the days end

Hopelessness, leave my friends (pause)

And let all our stories unfold

(Chorus repeats)

‘Your Girl’

(Verse 1)

When you wake up in the morning

I will help you start your day

Might have to head off to work soon,

But for now let’s just stay

Just put the coffee on, 

And tell me that you love me
Hold me tight and don’t you let me go

(Chorus 1)

All my workin day dreams, could be played out right now

How you make me feel this way, I just don’t know how

(Verse 2)

There’s just one thing I want,

To make me feel alright,

A little bit of your lovin darlin & I’ll sleep soundly through the night

There are no riches greater, 

No gold that shines
Like the way my heart would if you were mine

(Chorus 2)

I’d do without the money, without all the gold(whiskey) in the world

If you would just let me be your girl

(Verse 3)

Now if I catch a stroke of bad luck, 

If the tables do turn
I know our loves embers will still burn

And if troubles do befall me

I’ve got a warm place next to you

You’re the kind of man who can always take away these blues

Oh yes baby, you take away my blues

And I don’t know what I’d do without you

‘Lost Days’
(Verse 1)
Wakin’ up this mornin’, findin you were gone
Blankets were still cozy, Bed sheets they were warm

(Chorus 1)
So pour yourself some coffee babe
Before you hurry on
Time will slip away,
And we’ll just keep on driftin’ on

(Verse 2)
Days keep getting longer, since we’ve lost our spark
I know, I know we’ll be stronger
Once the stormy skies do part

(Chorus 2)
All the words you’ve said to me,
They just don’t fill my heart
Feels wrong to know you won’t remember
As distance seems to start

All I’ve got to say, is my life is not the same, 
without you                                         
All I’ve got to save are memories of 
somethin once true
All there is today, is a dream I never thought I’d lose

(Verse 3)
Now I just can’t help but wonder, what’s become of me
It’s not a fear of sinkin’, but no wind to sail the sea

(Chorus 3)
After all this waitin’, my soul has turned so blue
No more chasin’ after those lost days without you
Those lost days without you



‘Skeleton Key’
(Verse 1)

You were right when you said I had a problem
Got stuck in a wave of thoughts and (I just) couldn’t stop em
The lonely space inside my heart had opened up
I saw darkness, I saw darkness, oooh

Love has a way of unlocking our doors
We always do get more than we bargained for                    
Keep findin things I didn’t know were inside of me
You’re like a skeleton key

(Verse 2)
Roses coat the trellises we climb 
You’re bound to get pricked by the thorns
I never knew what I was in for
When I fell in love with you, fell in love with you

(Chorus Repeats)

I got my secrets, I got my weaknesses
Don’t we all, don’t we all
That’s why they call it a whirlwind, it tore me to my foundation
And you watch me fall, watch me fall
Over and over again

Drinkin’ & Losin’ Again 

Holy roller with snake eyes

Throwing lucky 7s again

Down in the barroom, whiskey in hand

And I’m drinking and losin’ again

Drinkin & losin again, drinkin’ and losin’ again


Fortune teller warned me off

Of gambling and booze

But I just can’t seem to shake ‘em on off

These heartstricken lovesick blues

Heartstricken, lovesick blues, heartstricken lovesick blues


So with a tall glass of lies

That I’ve been telling myself

I sit here alone now

Crying and drinkin ‘em down

(Verse 2)

I heard from a friend yesterday

You were headed back for the coast

Wipin away one tear from your eye

You told her you’d loved me the most

Told her you’d loved me most, told her you loved me the most

But I was always stuck some place sad

Couldn’t be fixed by your kiss

You did what you could do, but you gave up hope

On pulling me out of my own darkness

Pullin me out of my darkness, Pullin me out of my darkness


(Final verse)

Holy roller with snake eyes

Left empty-handed again

Short of everything, money and luck

And I’m short on the rest of your love

So I’m drinkin’ and losin’ again (repeats til end)

'Cryptic Blues' 

(Verse 1)

Hear the river running strong, no water just filth and blood

Waking up to the sounds of traffic, thick in your mind like mud

Gears are grindin, going strong, speedin’ up the times 

Don’t get caught up in the busy part, of your absent mind


Here I am, standing right beside you babe,

In this world we all leave someday

In this body that’s slowly falling apart 

Don’t let me let it go to waste

(Verse 2)

Drivin round the end of that whiskey bend

Ridin on the edge of insane

Lockin me up in this prison, when I didn’t do a doggone thing

Vultures flyin low today, circlin my head

Callin out my name, are they wishin me dead?


Here I am, standing right beside you babe,

In this world we all leave someday

In this body that’s slowly falling apart 

Don’t let me let it go to waste

'Wishing Well'

(Verse 1)

Ain’t got no agenda, got no reason why,

But runnin out that door makes me feel so alive

The winds are howlin’ blues about the road behind 

Take me down the Mississippi when the river is high

And I’m gonna buy myself a fishin pole and fish for good luck

Like they say if I miss, might hook a star from above

And I never had no money, not sure I ever will

But my life’s as rich as if I owned a wishin well


Cuz there’s a fire in your eyes

And it’s burnin up in me

Just a bird in a cage that’s been opened

A soul thats been set free

(Verse 2)

Wide western skies and hope on the horizon

A need for freedom riddled deep in my bones

I ain’t runnin away from a good thing

My home is with me wherever I go

And I’m gonna buy myself a shotgun and keep it at my side

Takin out my enemies, one at a time

Catch the next freight train outta this here town

Cuz there’s a gold rush out west and I’m railway bound

(Chorus repeats)

'Death at my Door'
(Verse 1)
Caught wind of death knockin’ at my door,
Peeked through the shutters watched him pace back and forth
In his hands he held the inevitable black,
So I tiptoed down the hall and ran out the back,
Oh the voices in my head, said “You’d better run fast”
Makin’ quick turns down suburban streets, 
Not knowing the chase is just part of his treat
Knockin’ on each door step, left and right,
“Open on up and hide me inside!” 
Mark your doors, and maybe we’ll make it through the night

Oh I feel, feel him chasin me
I run for, run for the trees
But on my neck there’s an icy breath
Oh save me, save me from death

(Verse 2)
Hidin’ in plain sight, flyin’ above like a colored kite,
Hopin’ I’m makin death confused, 
Maybe give him a taste of his own blues,
Because at this rate, he’ll find his death before I do

(Chorus repeats) 
Watchin people prep my grave,
This won’t be my judgement day
Their turnin their shovels in the ground,
But “where’s the body?”, oh she’s skipped town
I dare you death, try and catch me now
I dare you death, try and catch me now
I dare you death, try and catch me now


‘Miss Melinda’
(Verse 1)
Creepin out the back door, in the middle of a summer night
Leavin troubles here behind me, turnin’ wrong into right

(Chorus 1)
Where is Miss Melinda? Where has she gone to?
She went to end her lonesome, she went to turn a gray one into blue
She’s spun her wheels of fortune, stumbled into the great unknown

(Verse 2)
Train’s leavin for Houston, an hour & change to cut you loose
Makin’ time for no one, grab a drink, and polish up my shoes

Burn a candle in the window, let the flame die out on old times
As the sun sets o’er the canyon, the path before me I’m gonna let it shine
Which way will I be headed? Whichever way the wind is blowin’

(Verse 3)
Chump change and dirty jeans, rattle on through the freight
Mountain rails, and passerbys, Violet hues (for) it's getting late

(Chorus 3)
10 more minutes and counting, finished up my bottle of moon
Can’t help you Mr. Stevens, can’t help myself with a nickel or two
The shackles lay in dust behind me, and all I see is freedom up ahead


Home by the River

(Dube, Schroeder, Casanovas, Moore)


Lavender growing in the windowsill

Pulling water from the well

Heavenly sunshine brightening up my mind

In this home by the river I know


Feels so good to walk across the wood floors

Smoothed by our own feet

We placed them with our own hands 

On this precious piece of our land 

In this home by the river I know


Feels like home, feels like home, feels like home

Oh but the sun don’t shine, the sun don’t shine, everyday, everyday

(/Verse 2)

Sitting here with the french doors open wide

Let nature come on inside

Feels so good breathing in

A little bit of the autumn wind

At this home by the river I know

Walk through the kitchen out the back way

Garden growing so lively 

Watch the fruits and flowers bloom

Underneath this harvest moon

At this home by the river I know



Simple is the right way, I’m not working I’m living instead

Not many possessions, just a place to lie our heads

Moving to the melodies of our own 33s 

And in the breaths of silence, hear the songs of the birds in the trees

Oh, hear them singing now, 

Oh, hear them singing out loud…


(Verse 1)

Tall man walking down the road

Saw him out my car window

With long hair past his shoulders

Drinking moonshine out of an old jam jar

Feet so big that walking is nothing

It’s getting that girl that’s really something

Can’t seem to get her off his mind

So he strokes his beard and has another beer

Can’t seem to keep control

Said this life’s just rock and roll 

And if you can’t roll with the punches

Just walk into the woods


They call him the man of the woods

They say he ain’t no good

Ain’t no good, ain’t no good, ain’t no good (x2)


(Verse 2)

Tall man walking down the tracks

Single meal in his small backpack

That’s tugging on his shoulders 

Like the thoughts inside his head

Don’t seem to talk too much

And he never stays anywhere too long

But the music will keep him out

When everyone goes home

He ain’t foolin around in this beat-up town

He’s got eyes on the riches of the dancing crowd

Head in the clouds, shoes stage-bound 

Playing a scruffy, dirty, folky sound


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