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The Outcrops are the 22nd annual Makin Waves Band of the Year for three reasons:

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a work ethic that makes them one of the Dirty Jerz’s hardest-working bands ... guitar-playing that fuses the sounds of my two favorite axemen, Duane Allman and Jerry Garcia, and a refreshing fusion of roots, soul, blues, funk, and psychedelic rock that sounds wholly new while comfortably familiar.”

(Bob Makin, The Aquarian)

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[Peace of Mind] is a fine debut album of original tunes with a talented young band.  They show that they cut their teeth on the music that influenced them, but they bring a fresh and cool new feeling to their music that I think will serve them well.” (Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine)

Blues Blast Magazine  -  “ALBUM REVIEW

“They have a style of playing you don’t see everyday with new artists. Cassidy has such soul in her voice, and with Bryan’s skilled guitar playing, they are a great combination.” (Dan Glenn, MusicXplorer)





“The Outcrops have a passion that sets them apart from many other “new” bands. They truly play music with heart.” (Dan Hirshberg, Inside Warren)

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